As many things begin, my interest in becoming a Chiropractor occurred after experiencing the healing power of chiropractic as a patient. In high school, while working at a department store, I had a box of chairs fall on me, injuring my neck and upper back. After receiving chiropractic care to correct the problems with my spine, I developed a strong interest in becoming a Chiropractor as a profession. 

After completing my undergraduate studies at Mercy College, I continued my education at New York Chiropractic College. While in chiropractic college, I specialized in soft tissue and muscle therapies for the treatment of pain and dysfunction. After graduating and receiving my Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2007, I worked in multidisciplinary offices with medical doctors and physical therapists in a rehabilitation setting. In 2012, I joined Whipple City Family Chiropractic, where I was a partner in the practice for 8 years. In 2020 we relocated to Granbury, Texas in order to create a better life for my family, in a town my wife and I fell in love with after staying with close friends multiple times.   

Having such a diverse experience in multiple roles and styles of practice has made me well-rounded and better able to address the needs of my patients. I have been able to help many patients throughout all steps of life from infants to the elderly. I have experience with pregnant patients as well as young and professional athletes. 

I am a firm believer in the ability of chiropractic to treat the cause of dysfunction.  I also feel that we must look at the body as a whole in order to achieve health and wellness. I look forward to helping you address your health care concerns today!

-John A. Giusti, DC

Dr. John and his wife Janet are currently raising 3 beautiful girls here in Granbury, Texas. When not in the office, Dr. John can be found running, fishing, working on his Camaro, playing with his kids or participating in martial arts. He enjoys the great outdoors and loves to go hiking and hunting as well. The Giusti family is heavily involved in ATA Taekwondo and often can be found at local competitions. Dr. John is currently training for his next color belt.

Mrs. Janet Giusti - Office Manager

Ms. Janet is the current Office Manager of ChiroHabit and the wife of Dr. John. You can schedule with her on select days and times for a complementary  FootLevelers scan during Crooked Man Sales.

She runs more than just the office, she organizes our events, Charity Collections and Dr. John. 

When she isn't in the office, she can be found with her 3 girls,  whether it is homeschooling, playing or taking them to their activities. Ms. Janet enjoys meeting with her moms group, attending bible studies and competes in taekwondo. Although she doesn't often find the time, she loves a good murder mystery book. 

Miss Aubrey - Receptionist

Miss Aubrey is our main receptionist.  You can find her greeting patients and answering calls Monday through Thursday at ChiroHabit. But that is not all she does! Aubrey is certified and trained to help assist you the best way she can at the office, whether it be scheduling your next appointment, signing up for a membership or ordering a custom set of orthotics. When she is not at the office, Aubrey enjoys the dramatic arts. She is often preforming in shows at local theaters. Make plans to come see her in the office or on the stage! 

ChiroHabit Office Helper

Miss Caity is usually out of the office practicing, learning, competing and teaching taekwondo.  When she is at the office, Caity is certified and trained to take your calls, handle the scheduling of your appointments and answer your questions to the best of her knowledge. 

ChiroHabit Helpers - In Training

Miss Tina and Miss Erin can be found at the office off and on during the week. They love greeting daddy's patients and playing with the pediatric patients that come in! Often they will volunteer to get adjusted to show other children what it is like.